Listening to Your Baby–Are You Withholding Nourishment if You Don’t Nurse for Comfort?

Does this pic pull on your heartstrings? :) This is a moment when Mama could nurse 'for comfort.' But look at their eye contact and deep connection. I can verify that this child's hunger needs are met--nursing/nourishment is not being withheld. Consider the level of trust being built in these moments. Sometimes we just need to let it out and be loved in the process!

“But I feel like I’m withholding nourishment when I just hold and listen to my baby cry” Have you ever said this? (That’s crying beyond hunger.) I’m dealing with some food intolerances. It feels like some foods are both helpful and hurtful to me at the same time–even some “healthy” veggies. It makes me acutely aware of what it means…

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