Eliza Parker

A certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, spiritual counselor, and trained Feldenkrais® practitioner, Eliza respects babies as whole people who enter the world knowing how to communicate, learn, and self-heal. Her Conscious Baby practice employs a unique approach to natural “I can do it myself” milestone development and attunement to non-verbal cues and crying. Eliza’s life-changing perspectives and respectful solutions toward common parenting questions transcend “typical” parenting advice. Her work addresses babies on the “well baby” spectrum and those experiencing challenges such as motor delay, difficulty in tummy time, and hip dysplasia.

Listening to Your Baby–Are You Withholding Nourishment if You Don’t Nurse for Comfort?

“But I feel like I’m withholding nourishment when I just hold and listen to my baby cry” Have you ever said this? (That’s crying beyond hunger.) I’m dealing with some food intolerances. It feels like some foods are both helpful and hurtful to me at the same time–even some “healthy” veggies. It makes me acutely aware of what it means…

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