Aware Parenting & Sleep – Interviews with Modern Mamas Podcast

Want to know more about Aware Parenting or how it can help baby sleep better?

I had the enormous pleasure of speaking with Jess and Laura over at Modern Mamas Podcast about Aware Parenting (AwP). In these interviews, I share a lot of info about AwP, and we had some great discussion as they ask their own questions and share their mama experiences.

  • What is Aware Parenting
  • Why this stuff matters, on a grand scale–in addition to the everyday things
  • AwP as a lifestyle
  • Sleep! How to help Baby sleep better without a “Cry it out” approach!
  • Why babies cry beyond needs, how habits get set up, what it all has to do with sleep, and what to do about it


Part 1: “Guest Interview – Eliza Parker on Aware Parenting”

Part 2: “Eliza Parker Discusses Crying in Arms and Aware Parenting for Sleep”


About Eliza Parker

A certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, spiritual counselor, and trained Feldenkrais® practitioner, Eliza respects babies as whole people who enter the world knowing how to communicate, learn, and self-heal. Her Conscious Baby practice employs a unique approach to natural “I can do it myself” milestone development and attunement to non-verbal cues and crying. Eliza’s life-changing perspectives and respectful solutions toward common parenting questions transcend “typical” parenting advice. Her work addresses babies on the “well baby” spectrum and those experiencing challenges such as motor delay, difficulty in tummy time, and hip dysplasia.

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