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Services are available ONLINE and LOCALLY (Austin, TX and Raleigh-Durham, NC)

Contact me for a 20-30 min. chat, free of charge

Imagine having your own cheerleader, encourager, & mega-supporter available to answer your questions, share expert tips and wise insights, give reassurance when you can’t figure out why your baby is crying, and help beef up your mama-bear meter when others (or yourself) call it into question.

The trademark of my services is steady follow up when you need it most.

So let’s get your questions answered! Gut feelings welcome. Come as you are and bring me your concerns. Exhaustion, worries, and confidences all welcome; nursing, bottle feeding, crying, and tantrums welcome too. We’ll transform even the most difficult parts into a bond more magical than you ever suspected!


  • One-on-one sessions: in person and online
  • Group classes/workshops (more here): in person and online
  • In-home new baby support (more here)

DSC00945 cropWhat are Sessions For?

We work on things like exhaustion from night wakings, sleep challenges, motor skill questions, uncomfortable tummy time, skipping milestones, supporting crawling, difficult birth, and challenging toddler behaviors, as well as simply how best to support your developing baby or implement Aware Parenting. Expectant and brand new parents, I have a special option just for you!

How To Begin (Sessions)

Whether you have a simple one-time question, a more complex concern that may take a few weeks to address different angles (3 sessions), or a longing for ongoing support (3 months), we can address your need.

We’ll begin with a free 20 minute initial conversation. Contact me so we can discuss your interests and I’ll recommend the best way to proceed.

Here are a few details!

  • Each session is around 90 minutes, give or take, depending on your baby’s process
  • We’ll address your concerns and leave you with suggestions you can implement, as well as any necessary information so you understand your baby’s underlying needs
  • I provide lots of follow up support after your session, because questions inevitably arise once you apply what I can make look simple to your beautiful wriggling, crying, or uncomfortable child! Parents love this!!
  • Bigger packages include a gift of the book, Women Living Consciously, which contains my chapter, “Our Life Tells Our Birth Story: How Babies Helped Me Heal”

“Eliza is an affirming, knowledgeable, kind, warm person who is able to facilitate parent-child communication without imposing any “ideology” other than a trust in the innate relationship between the two.” ~Mom Marisa

What to expect

Discussion; and depending on our focus, there may be gentle, non-invasive, and respectful touch. We’ll work via play and cover ways you can continue to foster your baby’s healthy development beyond our session. Another trademark of my services? That we will build these supportive tips into your daily life so they’re accessible and not a chore.

Gut Feelings

I’m a huge supporter of parents following up on your gut feelings. Please ask questions and seek support, even if people tell you that your baby “will grow out of it” or that you’re oversensitive or worrying too much. Trust your intuition and reach out. Yes, you’re that connected with your baby. My sessions are supportive and informative, not intrusive or judgmental.

 Contact me for a 20-30 min initial chat

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