Tummy Time

Magical Tummy Time: How to Make it Enjoyable & Respectful from the Beginning

Dec. 2, 2016, 2:00 – 3:30, BabyEarth, Round Rock TX, See FLIER

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Tummy Time is essential for optimal development. Whether you want to get off to an easy start or you’ve tried it but your baby protests, you’ll learn essential information and tips. We’ll cover:

  • BusCard-EnjoyTummyTime1How Baby gets into and out of Tummy Time makes a difference
  • What counts as Tummy Time
  • Why it’s so important (it’s not just about muscle strength!)
  • Common reasons for discomfort and how to avoid them
  • 2 things that are even more important than tummy time!

Bring your baby, newborn through 4 months. Expectant parents and infant/birth professionals welcome.

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