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Services are available ONLINE and LOCALLY (Austin, TX and Raleigh-Durham, NC).

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Dolly says... "Learn a great tip for helping me self-regulate--and how to hold me in my 'home base position'--all in one!"

Dolly says… “Learn a great tip for helping me self-regulate–and how to hold me in my ‘home base position’–all in one!”

You want the best for your child!

Babies are born with innate abilities to learn, communicate, and progress through motor milestones. I’ll show you how to preserve those abilities from the beginning and help you create a magical connection with your baby.

Finding conflicting advice? I’ll help you pinpoint your baby’s authentic needs and get you started on a path of gentle parenting that follows baby-led development. I approach everything through relationship, connection, and treating your baby as a respectable person.

Classes and one-on-one sessions will help you:

  • Track milestones, help her meet them in her own timing
  • Connect and communicate with your pre-verbal child
  • Understand non-verbal cues
  • Improve sleep
  • Help your baby self-regulate
  • Make tummy time enjoyable from the start
  • Ensure the best chance of crawling
  • Prevent common problems in development
  • Foster learning and reading skills (not by videos or flashcards!)
  • Determine if a problem is developing—at the first signs before it becomes a problem!
  • Navigate conflicting advice and confusing advertising
  • Know what to do with your baby when he’s awake
  • Parent in a “gentle” and “natural” way
  • Have a magical relationship with your baby that will last a lifetime!

First Year Foundations Class

You may not know that how you hold, move, and interact with your baby sets up habits that can last throughout life. I’ll show you how to create, in real-time, all the wonderful foundations you want for your child from the beginning.

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"Learn why side lying is so important for me!"

“Learn why lying on my side is key to reaching my milestones!” Even more so than tummy time! (shhh, it’s a secret!)

Baby Prep! One-on-One Sessions

Prepare ahead of time to support not just your Baby’s optimal development from the beginning, but also your own comfort. Available in person and online. Package includes:Prep1

  • Two sessions, each lasts 1 to 2 hours, depending on our pace and your questions
  • Some email Q&A
  • Guided audio meditation, “Time Travel Healing”: Identify messages you want to make sure you ‘got’ deep down as a child, go back in time to receive those messages, and then pull them forward into your current life! This is an important process of self-reflection and understanding that will influence how you perceive and interact with your child.
  • A copy of the Amazon best seller book, Women Living Consciously, with my chapter, “Our Life Tells Our Birth Story: How Babies Helped Me Heal,” about how birth can set up patterns of demeanor and well-being, how babies attempt to heal their birth experiences, and my own story
  • $290


Services are available ONLINE and LOCALLY (Austin, TX and Raleigh-Durham, NC)

Contact me for a free 20 min consultation ~

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