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Something is not as you wish.

I’ll share solutions that truly respect you and your baby or toddler, centered around connection and your baby’s innate wisdom.

If you have a gut feeling that something’s not quite right, pay attention to it and reach out, even if others (family, friends, pediatricians) tell you your child will grow out of it or that you’re worrying too much.

1Series3, flow of interaction, 10mo crop, ehnOne-on-one sessions address these types of challenges:

  • Tummy time is not enjoyable
  • “Colic” or crying beyond needs
  • Skipping milestones
  • Motor delay
  • Not crawling properly
  • Difficulty understanding what your baby or toddler needs
  • Sleep challenges, baby doesn’t settle easily
  • Exhaustion from night wakings or “having to do” something constantly (nursing, walking, holding, etc)
  • Difficult birth
  • Tantrums, difficult toddler behaviors
  • Implementing Aware Parenting
  • Or just a gut feeling that something’s not right

Preventing future problems: if you see any of these, please reach out to me

  • Scoots on her bottom
  • Crawls with one foot (not both knees)
  • Skipping crawling or other milestones
  • Arches a lot while holding him
  • Doesn’t use both arms or legs
  • Can’t roll, but can sit up
  • Rolls distances, but doesn’t push on belly
  • Prefers you to hold her up in standing
  • Doesn’t want to cuddle
  • Arches up onto crown of head while lying on back
  • Wish to avoid or wean pacifier
  • You “have to” do particular rituals to get your baby to sleep
  • If you don’t keep doing a certain thing, your baby will cry

There’s always a reason. Your baby is communicating to us through her challenge.

I will listen as you share your concerns and gut feelings. We’ll meet your baby on her level and identify deeper needs behind the challenge you’re experiencing.

While we’ll work to find respectful solutions and strategies, I will not impose a quick fix by forcing a position your baby isn’t doing, “training” sleep, or offering distraction.

I would like to speak with you further so I can get a clear idea about what you’re experiencing and let you know what we can do together. Contact me below to get started, and thank you for reaching out.


Currently, I offer in-person classes and sessions in Austin, TX. I also travel and offer services in Raleigh, NC and Boulder, CO. Sessions and classes are available by Skype.

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