Professionals (such as doulas, birth educators, OTs/PTs, etc) are welcome to attend classes and workshops. I also offer workshops specifically for professionals, tailored to your needs and interests. If you’re interested in this, please drop me a note below!


  • For Pediatric OTs: first year reflexes and developmental sequence *as seen in baby-led milestones (not parent-led)* and how these relate to the issues OTs work with
  • How sensory integration develops in tandem with motor milestones
  • Tummy time and baby-led motor development for doulas
  • How to help parents and babies heal and process their birth experience

Please refer to my Classes & Workshops page.


Currently, I offer in-person classes and sessions in Austin, TX. I sometimes travel and offer classes in Raleigh/Durham, NC and Boulder, CO. Classes and sessions are available online.

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