You don’t have to do “Cry It Out.”

There’s a reason why your baby isn’t relaxing enough to sleep well. 

And I have good news–your baby already knows how to sleep!

Let me help you understand the how’s and why’s of his/her true underlying needs and how to support her in returning to her innate ability to sleep.

My approach will sound very different from what you may have read, and it comes from Aware Parenting (Aletha Solter, Ph.D). It’s not that your baby doesn’t know how to sleep–sleep is required for human survival. Usually it’s that your beautiful baby isn’t relaxing enough to sleep well, and that’s what we want to address.

SleepLOB2 cropRespect, relationship, and connection provide the basis of my approach. We will first and foremost listen to your baby. I don’t use “training”, “cry it out” (Ferber), or focus on solutions that will only turn out to be temporary.

Instead, I listen to your concerns and gut feelings and help you identify your baby’s deeper needs, read non-verbal cues, understand why your baby isn’t sleeping well, and learn how you can help him or her on a deeper level–both immediately and for the long haul.

We can address:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Night wakings
  • Not napping well
  • Exhaustion from constant nursing
  • Understanding non-verbal cues
  • How to shift your baby from dependence on external factors to internal ones

There’s more! The parenting skills I’ll show you around sleep will serve you and your baby during awake time as well and will build a magical and solid foundation of trust and communication.

I would love to speak with you further about your challenges with sleep, and we’ll put together a custom package. Contact me for a free initial 20 to 30 minute conversation by phone or online.

I do find ‘the earlier, the easier’ and that waiting it out can make it harder later. So don’t hesitate to reach out.

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