Multiple times every day I’m deeply grateful for your teachings on all things Baby – from small things like tips for feeding her (she started asking to hold and eat from her spoon by herself, and she signs everything) to big things like unpropped movement and listening to her.

It was all so right and she’s light years different, happier and better in all ways than her peers because of you.

It’s also funny how true the Mary Poppins reference is regarding coming in when it was most necessary. That first year was critical in extremely “unconventional” ways. We talk about it often. We would have wanted to be this way but never would have known how to get here day by day, supporting her in tiny ways like we learned to do.

Can’t thank you enough for always urging the best thing for us. It’s hard to put into words how phenomenal she is at 14 mo! – Mom in NC

I have been using Ms. Parker’s program with children in my practice with hip dysplasia and clubfeet with remarkable results. I feel that it is ideal for any child (and parent) from firstborn to youngest of ten, even if they have no orthopaedic issues at all. – Keith Mankin, MD FAAP, NC Pediatric Orthopaedics (NCPOSS Website)

“Sharing your perspective on infant and child physical, emotional and cognitive development has enhanced my joy as a grandparent. Such a wonderful and priceless gift.” – “Grampa” in Northampton, MA

“It’s amazing how quickly he’s learned [walking, running, & kicking]. I talk to friends with similar aged kids, and they all talk about a much longer learning process and many more problems with balance. I really think he’s as agile and balanced as he is because of your work with him. You’ve made a big difference in his life!” – Mom in NC

“My 4 month old daughter and I met Eliza Parker this evening and we were so very impressed! Eliza’s academic background is in somatics – body movement and its developmental effects. She works with all babies, but specializes in developmental issues. My daughter is developing “perfectly,” but still Eliza was able to tell me a few things I could do to help her posture and how to make tummy time more enjoyable for her. My baby, who is usually very discriminating, just took to her! She gave her gaping smiles and nuzzled right up in her arms. – Mom in Boulder, CO

“I feel like I was in this amazingly beautiful river [as a parent], the water sparkling, the sun shining down. I love every minute of this place. But I would see things along the shore or just out of reach and I’d be frustrated, floating in this magnificent place, because things were slipping through my fingers. I was missing some of the beauty. And I wanted all of it!

And you gave me a sail. And you taught me to listen to the wind change direction so I could get my raft to go where it needs to so I can see everything.

I already love being his mama. Every second. But somehow you’re helping me to be even better. And I don’t have words enough to thank you for that.” – Mom in CO

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