What difference does it make?

Imagine a child deeply and naturally joyful, with wild, contagious laughter! A child who understands 2-way communication, knows she’s heard, and listens to what you have to say, even as a baby. Who knows her body and abilities in movement and play, is confident in herself, comprehends gravity and distance, is safer when falling, and is more coordinated and well-balanced than her peers.

Imagine a child who’s authentically compassionate of her own accord. Who stays present in-the-moment, reads situations accurately, and trusts her gut feelings. A person who’s not afraid to explore the world or go after her dreams… someone who remains true to herself and stands up for her values.

Imagine the ultimate relationship with your child—someone with whom you enjoy spending time and have open communication even through teenage years. Imagine deeply trusting your child, and having your child trust you that much.

This type of deeply-authentic person is not fostered through common traditional parenting practices. Of course you’ll still have an amazing, wonderful, love-of-your-life-child with that common advice! But there are real differences.

I can take you far. Where I can’t, I am networked with other awesome resources who are in alignment with this perspective.

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I have the pleasure of witnessing so many magical moments between parents and babies/toddlers!

It’s when lines of communication open, when you realize how much your baby is really telling you, or the immense satisfaction of a totally-self-led milestone your baby has discovered.

I don’t meant magical in terms of something ‘unreal’ or too good to be true.

I mean in the ah-ha’s, the amazement-inducing things that happen when we truly attune and connect, with honesty, with the brilliant being in front of us.

This is why I do what I do.

Society teaches parenting practices that override babies’ innate abilities and often create unintended outcomes. Raising your child as a respectable person, following her lead: this is where the magic unveils.

I know it’s challenging sometimes. But these moments build the foundation for a healthy lifelong relationship. And we raise truly confident, compassionate fellow humans who will be our next leaders, teachers, parents…


  1. Hi! I’m following your blog from Sweden and I do love it! I’m looking for some words on carrying babies in slings and harnesses and wonder if you would like to consider doing some writing on the topic? Over here lots of people tend to use BabyBjörn and they are really hard convincing that there are more ergonomic ways..
    Thank you!

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